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Raw Wild Blueberry Crumble

Raw Wild Blueberry Crumble


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Product Description:
Sweet, light crumbs atop naturally sweetened wild blueberries with a shortbread crust. With only 5 ingredients, this is our most natural, basic, delicious dessert.

Raw Walnuts, Raw Coconut Flakes, Dates, Wild Blueberries, Sea Salt.

About this product:
         Gluten Free                 Vegan                Raw                 Paleo

Package Description:
  • 8 oz round container or 9" pie
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  • Product Shelf-life: TBD

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Product Reviews for Raw Wild Blueberry Crumble

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Review #1

rawskeptic reviewed this on 12th October 2013.
It was given

'I bought this only because the key lime pie was sold out. I'm notorious for buying things (think Costco) after a small sample and then deciding a little was more than enough. I had further reservations because I have tried making my own raw desserts and found them inedible. However, I'm happy to say that the wild blueberry crumble was absolutely delicious! I thought about sharing some with my husband and step-son in the hopes of turning them on to raw foods, but decided it was too good to share. :) I tried to buy it again the next time I was at our Farmer's Market (Farmington), but they hadn't brought any. :( This week, I'm going to place an order ahead of time. In the meantime, I bought a bag of macaroons and found another snack/dessert I love!'

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